08 September 2011

iBridge Camp 2011 !!!!

Camp Theme: Uncertain Times, Unchanging Passion, Unwavering Conviction
Venue : Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, Seremban.
Date : 15-18 September 2011 (Thursday - Sunday)
Camp Fee : RM180.00
Registration Closing Date : 12th September 2011

Workshop 1 – Transition to work
by Tak Ming
- Meaning of Work
- How to make an impact and marketplace outreach
- Common struggles faced by fresh graduates and how to overcome it
- Sabbath

Workshop 2 – Social Relief work
by Steve
- What is CREST?
- Why social relief work is important?
- How graduates can get involve/response?

Workshop 3 – Biblical Financial Management
by Erik Lai
- Biblical perspective on financial management
- Professional advise on purchasing car, house, investment, saving, generous giving for mission, retirement, etc
- Trusting-God-to-Provide vs Financial security

Workshop 4 – National Issues
by Keat Peng
- Sharing on current and yet to come national issues
- How to make right judgement/discernment based on exploded media information that we read
- Awareness of basic constitution right
- How should Christian respond to Bersih and future rallies.

Workshop 5 – Discernment
by Dr Choon Khing
- What is discernment?
- How to practise discernment?
- Practical discernment (Choosing job, ministries, finding life partner, response to certain opinions etc)

Workshop 6 - Talent migration
by Seng Gee
- What is migration?
- What is the deciding point to migrate or not to migrate?
- How should I respond to my friends who want to migrate?

Workshop 7 – Relationship
by 2 Pre-Marital Counseling Couples

Workshop 8 – Science and Faith (God)
by Dr Living Lee

"Welcome to the world!"
Isn't that a familiar phrase that our seniors told us when we first started work?
Being a young adult in the working world comes with a new set of challenges.

When we were still students, it was easy to see the path that we would be going. After graduating from university or college, the transition to be in the workforce can be quite daunting. The uncertainties that loom in. The process of adapting to a new environment. The responsibilities that come with adulthood. Trust us, this process doesn't stop there.

After working for a few years, you might find yourself at the crossroads again. It's like going back to the days when you once faced the fresh graduates' dilemma. The only difference this time is you carry more skills and work experiences with you. You also have more things and commitments to care about: family, relationships, finance, church involvement etc.

We face transitions at different points of our lives. That is a fact we constantly remind ourselves to face it whether we like it or not. The process is indeed challenging and uncomfortable. It can be exhausting. Somehow we need to move on in order to move forward. Sigh... We understand you.

Let's take a break from all these worries! Come join us for camp and be refreshed again!

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